Yantra™ Switch for Agents

  • Enables you to search & book products from the product library.
  • Bookings can be pushed or pulled using APIs.
  • Access LIVE availability and pricing of products.
  • Send e-tickets to customers using either your own QR code or suppliers or Yantra™ supplied codes.
  • Access the backoffice with your unique login to see details of validated bookings.
  • Raise invoices based on validated transactions.
How does it work for agents
How does it work for supplier

Yantra Switch for Supplier

  • Load all of your products via API or supplier portal.
  • Simplified mapping process with Agents.
  • Receive bookings in Yantra™ Switch portal or in your reservation system using APIs.
  • Download Yantra™ App on your mobile to validate tickets against bookings made.
  • Accounting & reconciliation features to enable efficient paperless invoicing to Agents.


  • Single touch point for tours & activities product inventory and bookings.
  • Reduces overhead of integrating multiple APIs for different suppliers / OTAs.
  • Yantra™ validation technology that validates & authenticates tickets, preventing ticket duplication and fraud occurrence.
  • Get a quick & reliable overview of all entries & admissions in a single & easy-to-read report.
  • If you have your reservation system in place, it can be directly integrated with Yantra™ Switch using our APIs.
  • Say goodbye to counting paper tickets & manual reconciliation, the best part is you can achieve this without switching away from your existing reservation or ticketing system.

Key Features

Yantra Switch APIs

Simple, secure and robust API architecture which can be easily integrated with existing reservation systems.

Product Mapping

Mapping of products with agents and allow them to make bookings of those products.
Product attribute mappings like, schedule (e.g. morning show), ticket types (e.g. adult, child).

Product Management

Add & manage tours & activities products, define availability & schedule.
Highly customisable validation logic which can fit your validation criteria.

Stores Bookings

Yantra™ Switch receives bookings from all agents and stores in a centralised booking repository and shares bookings securely with respective suppliers.

Supplier-Agent Mapping

Mapping of supplier and agents to share products and bookings with each other.

Validation Report

Stores all ticket validation logs & history and shares agent & supplier specific validation reports with them.
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