Yantra™ App (“Y-App”) allows you to scan the QR Code or Barcode, validate the ticket and view ticket redemption history.

  • Useful for suppliers who do not have QR Code scanning functionality and validation system to validate the ticket.
  • Provide access of the app to your staff/guide to validate the tickets. View scanned ticket history based on number customers they have attended.


  • Scan paper ticket or mobile tickets and determine validity in a blink of an eye.
  • Scan and validate paper tickets or mobile tickets instantly to determine validity.
  • Single mobile app to validate a ticket of an attraction from different terminals or locations.
  • Y-App will not validate duplicate tickets or tickets with same QR codes, eliminating the chance of ticket duplication or fraud.
  • Validate whole booking or partial booking. E.g. From a booking, validate 3 customers out of 5.
  • Share the app with your staff and provide them access based on your requirement.
  • View scanned ticket history and details.
  • No more long & tiring queues for your customers. Validate tickets in a flash at your entry gate with Y-App.
  • All tickets scanned & validated through Y-App are centrally stored in Yantra™ Switch for reconciliation.


Visit supplier’s venue
verification request
Ticket is
valid (66368182)
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Easy with accounting – no manual verification is required
  • Agents can check validation details from Yantra Switch agent portal
  • Suppliers can check validation details from Yantra Switch supplier portal

Key Features

Validate Voucher

Scan QR code or Barcode and validate the ticket. Validate complete or partial booking.

Add Bookings

Quickly add new booking & validate if booking is not available in the system.

Locations & Terminal

Change location & terminal to validate the ticket from different locations.

Ticket Validation History

View ticket validation history with date & time, location, booking details and name of user who has validated the ticket.

Privacy Settings

Map your staff with a single device, so they can scan ticket only using mapped device.
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